“The GILEE Program greatly enhances the professional development of Georgia law enforcement executives through personnel interaction with criminal justice officials in other countries. Participants in GILEE are exposed to crime problems that cross national borderlines and are provided with realistic measures to combat these problems.”

-Vernon M. Keenan
Director, Georgia Bureau of Investigation


2017 Marcus Downtown Economic Impact Award

2017 Dan Sweat Award

2017 Turner Community Leadership Award

Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism Policing

Training Opportunities

In partnership with public and corporate sectors as well as civic groups, GILEE offers law enforcement executive development programs by focusing on peer-to-peer on-site training and international cooperation. Each year, GILEE takes top U.S. law enforcement officials to Israel and other countries to learn valuable security tactics from their conterparts. They learn best practices from expert peers who frequently handle bombings and other terrorist activities that are increasingly becoming serious threats in and to America. In return, international delegations come to Georgia to study how the U.S. deals with emergency management, homeland security, violent crime, special events, and the myriad of ssiues concerning urban and rural policing.

GILEE also provides special public safety and corporate security briefings, seminars, and workshops that facilitate cooperation between law enforcement and corporate security utilizing expert resources in the areas of asset protection, loss prevention, physical security, business continuity, terrorism, and cyber-crime.


Enhancing Public Safety Through Community Partnerships

The award-winning Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) is a joint project of Georgia State University and local, state, federal, and international law enforcement and public safety agencies. GILEE’s mission is to enhance law enforcement executive development and international cooperation for the provision of better law enforcement services and public safety through the protection of civil rights. GILEE’s focus has been on anti-terrorism training eversince its establishment in 1992; initially to protect the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and later to improve preparedness for terror threats. Following the 9-11 atrocity, GILEE focuses on enhancing homeland security efforts through international cooperation and training programs. GILEE’s goal is to provide peer-to-peer professional training through the introduction of best practices in order to enhance agency capabilities to better deal with threats to public safety and improve security.


GILEE has a measurable impact and the demand for our programs continues to grow in Georgia, around the nation and overseas. GILEE’s objectives focus on peer-to-peer law enforcement executive development, public-private partnerships, and on international cooperation. GILEE’s extensive community partnerships provide tangible benefits to the law enforcement community, to corporate security, to the business community and to the community at large. To date, GILEE has carried out over 400 programs for more than 1,400 law enforcement and other executives and provided more than 180 special briefings, seminars, and workshops for more than 28,000 public safety and corporate security officials in or from more than 25 states and 25 countries.

GILEE is a 501(C)3 organization through the Georgia State University Foundation.

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